Smart UV Self Cleaning Water Bottles

Everyone has seen and used a thermos cup, but have you ever learned about an ultraviolet sterilization thermos cup? Today, I will introduce to you a so-called "Blackbox Technology" - UV Self Cleaning Water Bottles.


This intelligent sterilization thermos cup cover uses a special light source-deep ultraviolet rays with a band of 260-275nm, and a 15mW high-power LED germicidal lamp bead to strongly sterilize the cup. One-button start, 180-second countdown, intuitive and visual sterilization process, so that every time you drink water, it is safe and pollution-free, and you can drink it with confidence. If you are very thirsty and eager to drink water, but you are worried that the bacteria and various microorganisms in the tap water will affect your health, then this smart sterilization thermos can come in handy! Directly pour in tap water and perform a 180-second sterilization operation, which can clearly eliminate the hidden safety hazards of drinking tap water directly, and easily respond to your emergencies!

Of course, it is relatively rare to drink tap water directly in an emergency. In addition, this smart sterilization mug also has a very important purpose, that is, you can clean the mug at any time to avoid secondary pollution of drinking water! The importance of drinking water hygiene goes without saying, but there is another problem that many people overlook: the cups and bottles we drink from are often dirtier than water (just like a toothbrush has more bacteria than a toilet). After all, daily drinking water is usually boiled or deeply purified, and drinking water containers are often washed with tap water and are not frequently disinfected. Therefore, the bacteria in the thermos cup gradually increases, and in severe cases, it may destroy its own flora environment by drinking the water in the thermos cup, resulting in the occurrence of a series of diseases such as colds and sore throats. Therefore, if you have limited time and energy, and cannot use hot water to clean the thermos in time every time, then this smart sterilization thermos is your best choice!

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